We are always on the look out for future scaffolders on our busy sites, we do prefer to start you on General Labouring and have you get used to working around scaffolding and then get you qualified with SafeWork NSW (Work Cover), we pay for your training and pay your wages as normal while you are on the 6 week training course to become an advanced scaffolder, provided we believe you are the right fit in our company, if you think you got what it takes in this highly labour intensive trade, send us an e-mail let's work together?

The Good


- Join a team of hard working and easy going workers, to complete goals together on site on a day to day basis;

- Pathways to become a fully licensed scaffolder for selected general labourers, all fees and trainings are provided by The Scaffold Company;

- Regular and continuous work on some NSW's best residential job sites, meeting reputable builders and build your own connections;

- Rewarding remuneration and continuous incentives and pay rises as you gain more skills.


The Difficult


- Expect to work in intensive labour environment, highly physically demanding

- Expect to work in out door areas with no covers

- Expect to learn fast


We Provide

- Uniforms and all tools for successful long term workers;

- Training and certification for permanent workers;

- Guidance and connections for your future career in the construction industry;

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